Management area

The six Work Areas (WAs) and the tasks within them are managed and run through a Management and Coordination Committee (MCC) to ensure a high degree of interaction, with outputs from each WA forming inputs to others at different stages throughout the programme. This allows us to address the research challenges in an interactive and integrated way that would not be possible if each WA and its constituent activities were carried out in isolation.  Instead, advances in knowledge in one WA are made available to other areas for immediate assimilation and use.

The MCC is chaired by the Principal Investigator, Professor Powrie, and is attended by the Co-Investigators leading each work area, and by other researchers as appropriate to maximize the cross fertilization of ideas.

The co-investigators are responsible to the Principal Investigator for day to day management of research staff and resources within their respective WAs.  Prof Powrie has overall leadership and executive control of scientific strategy, programme management and finances.  Meeting quarterly, the MCC agrees decisions concerning the control, organisation and integration of the programme elements.  A key priority is to optimize synergies between the individual research projects, to ensure best fit with each other and with the overall programme vision. The MCC refocuses as necessary the strategic research goals in the light of new developments in scientific knowledge, research trends, industry needs and external advice; it is able to reallocate resources between projects so as to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks to the programme as a whole.