Industry Steering Group

Formal engagement with key stakeholders in the railway industry is a defining feature of the management strategy for Track 21. Such links are crucial to ensuring that our research is relevant to infrastructure owners and operators, the experience and needs of practising railway engineers involved in design, maintenance and renewal of track systems, and the priorities outlined in policy frameworks on railway operations and research (e.g. TSAG, RSSB, DfT).

The Industry Steering Group (ISG) is drawn from representatives of major UK stakeholders, primarily those listed on the Partners tab. It is chaired by Prof Andy Doherty of Network Rail.

It meets twice a year to receive progress reports from the Principal Investigator, Prof William Powrie, and the programme leaders, and provides feedback on direction, industrial relevance, opportunities for implementation and emerging research needs. The ISG plays a key part in monitoring and review, and provides detailed technical advice and assistance.

The work of the ISG is complemented by the International Scientific Panel, which provides independent advice and an international perspective on scientific significance and novelty, relevance to industry and potential impact.

The sub-groups to this tab are for the use of ISG members and are password protected.